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"At Emanon, everything that we do needs to be cost effective for the customer".

The success of your project depends not only on our relationship with you, the customer, but also our relationship with our employees. Emanon's quality and well-trained employees together with the right tools and equipment guarantees the best quality service for our customers.

Our Way

Early on, Emanon out-grew the old and conventional way of milling and turning and instead turned to full-blown CNC computer-generated code for processing intricate part details and shapes. This transition from pencil and paper to calculator and computer based manufacturing allowed Emanon to use customer-provided CAD files and data to generate code for the CNC machines, further eliminating the possibility for mistakes. Moreover, Emanon's use of CAM (Computer-Aided-Manufacturing) software ensures that the geometry of the parts match the geometry of the customer provided data files. To maximize efficiency and accuracy, Emanon uses SURFCAM™ CAM software for two-dimensional axis control and GIBBSCAM™ CAM software for three-dimensional axis control.

Our Process

Our ProcessWe start our process with a clear and concise work-order tracking all of the client requirements including:
  • Client-supplied engineering data such as drawings, revisions, specifications documents and computer files.
  • Quality assurance requirements.
  • Documentation requirements.
  • Client-furnished inspection reports.
  • Certificate of Conformance.
  • Client-furnished material.

Your Data

Your DataAt Emanon, we have the ability to take your electronic data in varying file formats. We accept file formats such as CAD, SAT (SolidWorks™), IGES, DWG, and DXF (AutoCAD™) among others.

Job Scheduling

Job SchedulingThe time needed to manufacture is the most important factor in scheduling. Emanon also derives its schedule based on the volume and type of pending work orders. In addition, we try our best to accommodate clients that may have emergencies. But, our biggest advantage in scheduling is our availability of equipment. Emanon is one of a very few CNC shops in the greater Chattanooga area in terms of capacity and capability. Having some of the largest equipment in town allows us to process multiple projects at the same time.
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